Canon Bowman Augustus Short R.I.P.

The chalice which is used at the weekday Masses in the convent and at the weekend Masses in the church has an inscription on its base recording the fact that it was given by his parents to Rev. B. Short on the occasion of his Ordination 15 August 1919 – a hundred years ago this week. Father (from 1951, Canon) Short died in 1960 after thirty-four years as Parish Priest of Our Lady’s. During his time here, he was responsible for guiding the building up of the Catholic community in this part of Nottingham. Part of this building-up involved the erection of the present church (opened in 1935 and consecrated in 1951); of the presbytery; of the parish hall (replaced by the present parish centre in 2016) and of the school. In its early years, the school was housed in the parish hall until the erection of the present school on Piccadilly. Canon Short died on 28 December 1960 after a brief illness. It seems right that we should remember this great priest on the centenary of his Ordination.