Let us Pray for:

Dear Friends,

I have been notified of the death of Canon John Berry who died very peacefully in his sleep at 11 pm last night, Wednesday 25th March. We are now asked to pray for the happy repose of Fr. John’s soul May the Saints and Angels welcome him into Paradise. I have also been informed that some of our parishioners have symptoms of the coronavirus. It is a worrying time for all of us so I ask you to intensify your prayers that the Lord will bring healing to those who are asking and peace to those who have died.

Yesterday we joined with our Holy Father Pope Francis
In reciting the ‘Our Father Family Prayer’

His Eminence Cardinal Vincent Nichols
Today, another prayer has been offered to us as well from the bishops of the continent of Europe – a continent in which this virus is biting so deeply now.
So let me read for you this prayer – a prayer for our protection and indeed for our help:
God, Our Father,
Creator of the world, almighty and merciful.
Out of love for us, you sent your son into the world
as the doctor of our souls and bodies.
Look upon your children,
who in this difficult time of confusion and dismay
in many regions of Europe and the world
turn to you seeking strength, salvation and relief.
Deliver us from illness and fear,
comfort our sick and their families
give wisdom to our rulers,
energy and reward to our doctors,
nurses and volunteers,
and eternal life to those who have died.
Do not abandon us in this moment of trial,
But deliver us from all evil.
We ask this of you who with the Son and the Holy Spirit,
who lives and reigns for ever and ever.
Mary, Mother of Health and Hope,
Pray for us.

Holding you and united with you all in my love and prayers. Fr John