Gospel thought for today – Wednesday 29th July 2020

Wednesday 29th July Saint Martha

Gospel – Luke 10:38-42

Martha works; Mary listens
Jesus came to a village, and a woman named Martha welcomed him into her house. She had a sister called Mary, who sat down at the Lord’s feet and listened to him speaking. Now Martha who was distracted with all the serving said, ‘Lord, do you not care that my sister is leaving me to do the serving all by myself? Please tell her to help me.’ But the Lord answered: ‘Martha, Martha,’ he said ‘you worry and fret about so many things, and yet few are needed, indeed only one. It is Mary who has chosen the better part; it is not to be taken from her.’

The Gospel of the Lord

The Mass intention is for Phyllis Karim RIP


The bottom line in today’s Gospel is: Martha wanted Jesus to listen to her, while Mary wanted to listen to Jesus.

We see these two sisters – Martha and Mary. They represent two different approaches to Jesus. You could say a lot about each of the sisters, but I would express the difference this way: Martha wanted Jesus to listen to her, while Mary wanted to listen to Jesus.

I don’t say this, in order, to put down Martha. She is a great saint and Jesus clearly had a deep affection for her. “Martha, Martha,” he says. To repeat someone’s name does not necessarily indicate exasperation, but rather in this case, warmth. “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and worried about many things.”

How many of us identifies with Martha. We have work to do, problems on our mind, things to finish before we can relax. When we try to pray, our minds spin with a dozen distractions. We remember a phone call we should make, something we need to get at the shops, a task that just can’t wait.

And the crazy thing is – God forgive us – like Martha we sometimes put down the “Mary’s”: “It must be nice. Look at all the stuff I have to do. I wish I could get a break.” Well my friends I certainly fall into the Martha character!

There is a Mary and Martha in all of us some of us are far better at one than the other, but the moral of the story is we need to get the balance, which is easier said than done. Please be of good cheer because with Jesus all things are possible for those who love Jesus just like both Mary and Martha did!

• Which are you?


Fr John