Important message from Fr. John

Dear Friends, I am struggling to give you the service you expect of me due to pressure of work in the life of our parish. There are so many demands made on my time and I am limited to what I can do in one working day. In order to help me and Stefanie, my secretary, to give you the service you deserve, I am going to ask for your cooperation.

I know that when some of you see me after Mass, you think this is the time to deal with administrative matters. Sadly, it is NOT. I like to use that time to meet and greet people whom I would otherwise not meet. This is my pastoral time for you — all of you.

Could I respectfully ask you to handle such administrative matters (e.g. paperwork, bookings for Masses, Baptisms, certificates and other issues) through Stefanie during office hours (Monday-Thursday 10am-12noon), via email or by posting them through the letterbox of the presbytery. Paperwork and Mass Intentions can also be handed in to the sacristy. In cases of emergencies, you can always contact me on my mobile 07714460526. Many thanks!