Last weekend marked the closure of The Divine Infant of Prague church. Thank you to all who attended the Mass and the celebration afterwards.  It was so nice to see so many past and present parishioners on the night.  It was nice to catch up and reminisce about old times.  I am not going to use names, for fear that I miss someone out. To all of your loved ones who have gone before you to their eternal reward and who put so much passion, energy, love, money and prayer into the life of this church and made it such a sacred, warm and loving place for us to worship God and safely practise our faith; we owe each and everyone of them a deep debt of gratitude. Their memories will live on in us their priests, families and friends.  To all of you, men, women and children who have kept the flame of faith alive in this beautiful church of The Divine Infant of Prague until this present moment, God will bless you abundantly and reward you for all the passion, love and dedication you have shown him down through the years. Your tireless praise and love of him will not go unnoticed. Your reward will be mighty. Until that day comes, continue to serve Jesus and his sisters and brothers you meet every day of your Christian journey! Fr John