Fr John’s Christmas Message

My Dear Friends,

This year has been a tough and challenging one in so many ways.  The closure of The Divine Infant of Prague Church; the loss of the resident Parish Priest at Holy Cross, Hucknall; our Poor Clare Sisters settling down in Bulwell after 90 years living in north Wales; and the number of loved ones we have lost during the year.  That’s why I feel it has been a tough and challenging year for all of us and many other things are going on in peoples’ lives that we don’t know about.

Your faith, trust and belief in God is what has brought you through this tough and challenging year.  Once again, my friends, let us lift our hearts and souls up in joyful thanksgiving to Almighty God for the countless blessings and many gifts he bestows on us throughout our lives.

I want to thank all of our parish communities, Bestwood, Hucknall and Bulwell, for the way you have come together for the good of OUR parish.  These times are not easy.  United we stand, divided we fall, and we are not going to fall; we are going to support one another with words of encouragement and hope!  We are a community truly blessed with such rich diversity, cultures and traditions.  We have seen expressions of this during our International Mass, our School Masses and our recent Christmas Carol Services.  We as a parish are truly blessed to have 3 schools, one in each community: Holy Cross, Hucknall; St Margaret Clitherow, Bestwood; and Our Lady’s, Bulwell.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for the immense work you do for the good of YOUR Church.  Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.

As we approach this great Feast of Christmas in this “The Year of the God who Speaks’, may each one of us open our hearts and souls to that Word which became flesh and dwells among us.  I ask that each and everyone of us continues to work for the good of the Gospel and each other, respecting the gifts and talents that we each contribute for the good of OUR parish.

Especially at this time of year we remember all of our sick and housebound parishioners as well as those members of our family who may be carrying some form of illness.  We as a parish would like you to know that you are in our prayers daily and your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Finally, I am sure that you would agree with me that without the help and kindness of Mgr Forde, Canon Dolan, Deacon Martyn and our Poor Clare Sisters our parish would be all the poorer, so to each of you I say “Thank You” for all that you do for OUR parish.

Be assured of a place in my love, prayers and Masses over the Christmas Season.

With every blessing for a happy and joyful Christmas!    Fr John