Gospel thought for today 26th March 2020

Thursday of the Fourth Week in Lent 2020

Dear Friends,

United with each one of you in prayer and love. I have remembered you in my Mass today. The Mass Intention, was for the soul of Stephanie Doherty, RIP.

In today’s Gospel we see Jesus establishing his authority for his words and actions are not the kind of authority that lauds it over people, but a firm authority that says I care about YOU!

What is interesting to note, is that the people in the Synagogue at Capernaum, were not astonished at Jesus teaching, but at the authority in which he delivered his teaching. It was so different to how the scribes would speak to their people.

The authorities had become too set in their ways to realise in whose presence they stood. They had shut their eyes and ears to the truth. We are challenged today to really look at our own lives and ask ourselves if we have shut ourselves off from the real Jesus? And if we have shut ourselves off from Jesus, then we need to resolve to do something about it today, rather than waiting until tomorrow.

United in love and prayer with you all

Fr John