Message from Fr John – The Baptism of the Lord 2021

Dear Friends,

Once again, we find ourselves in lockdown. Sadly, this wave of the virus is far more contagious, and we are seeing many more deaths than ever before.  As you will see from my communication to the Parish, I have made the decision to close our churches until further notice. I know this is not going to please everyone but having a brother with COVID-19 and I see firsth-and the devastating impact this virus has had on his life.  I would not like to be responsible for the loss of someone’s life by my lack of care.

Our Holy Father Pope Francis I, has given us a dispensation from Holy Communion in order to help keep us safe. I know the pain of not receiving our Lord, in Holy Communion and how upsetting this is for some parishioners. It’s a cross that can, if we use it in the spirit its meant will give glory to God!

This weekend we celebrate The Baptism of the Lord. This feast gives us an opportunity to reflect once again on our own Baptism into the Life of Christ. What does this mean? What does it do for my relationship with Christ?  During your prayer time you may want to recall your Godparents and Parents who passed on the gift of faith to you, and also reflect on how you have passed on the gift of faith to someone who may be seeking Christ.

Parishioners, please stay safe and well and continue to look out for one another and if you know of someone who is alone please just cast an eye on them until we come through this pandemic!

Holding you, your families and loved ones in our Prayers and Masses as I and the Poor Clare Sisters continue to remember you all in our Love.


Fr John Martin

Parish Priest