Fr John’s Message for Easter Sunday

Making this your most rewarding Easter ever!

My Dear Friends,

Recognising that the days leading up to Easter prepares our hearts and minds to fully appreciate the most important aspect of our Easter celebrations: The Resurrection!

For in the Resurrection of Jesus we find our hope of eternal life. This event in the life of the early disciples changed everything. Before the Resurrection, they were cowering behind closed doors – hiding out in fear—but after the Resurrection, their faith was renewed and strengthened. The Resurrection of Jesus was given to us as proof for the Gospel. Let us build our faith in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, just as the early church did.

This Easter as we celebrate and encounter personally the Resurrection of Jesus anew in our own lives, please do not let it stop there, let us allow ourselves to be heralds of the Gospel of Jesus Resurrection by sharing it with others. Jesus is Risen! Death has been Defeated! Light and Goodness have Triumphed! Jesus has Conquered Evil and Alleluia is our Song?

May you, your families and friends be blessed with the joyous love of Jesus Resurrection!