Fr John’s message for weekending 18th April 2021


My Dear Friends,

I hope this note finds you well and continuing to dig deep into unravelling the mystery of the Easter Message?

Today, being the third Sunday of Easter, we are reminded of our duty as witnesses; called upon to share our own Easter experience with others. What is the point watching a really good movie if you never get to talk about it with someone? What is the point of being the first person to hear really good news if you never get the honour of broadcasting it? What is the point of experiencing the greatest event that ever happened in all of human history if we never get to share it with one another?

The Sundays following Easter, the Gospels are very often another Resurrection story and today is no different. Saint Luke focuses on how the Risen Jesus revels himself to his disciples. Some days earlier Jesus had died on the Cross. Jesus disciples, including Peter who had made such great declaration of loyalty, had fled. And as far as they were concerned it was all over and they themselves were in danger.

It was back to fishing for these guys, and having just spent a whole night fishing where they caught nothing. Tired, weary and disheveled they thought it was back to base as usual and then bang! Who is stood on the shore, there Friend the Risen Jesus! And he tells them to cast out the net and bang again a net full of fish. Jesus filled with love (and I am not talking about a fluffy love) I am talking of an unconditional love that only Jesus can give, he gives freely to those ordinary guys who stood by him and ran away in fear. Such is the mercy and forgiveness of God.

Last Sunday we celebrated Divine Mercy Sunday! Once again we encountered the ocean of God’s Mercy and Love, which he so ardently desires to offer us who love him!

The readings of today are full of hope and promise, my friends don’t let these days of Eastertide pass you by, grab the time you have to spend with Jesus and reflect with him the mystery of his love for you and your love for him and in this encounter may you find the peace you long for!

Fr John